One of Leonardo da Vinci’s works that shall never be forgotten is the Caricature. This was a drawing that he made amid the European Renaissance when the realm of art underwent significant development.

These drawings by Leonardo da Vinci’s consist of five bizarre-looking and grotesque caricatures; the drawings include caricatures of the head and shoulders of a hideous woman, an old woman, and an ill-matched couple.

Simplistically, a caricature refers to a picture or description of a person in which certain outstanding and noteworthy traits and characteristics are overly exaggerated for the purposes of creating satire, comic relief, or bringing out a grotesque effect.

Leonardo da Vinci drew the Caricatures in 1500 using Ink on a paper whose dimensions were 12 by 18 cm. Leonardo da Vinci’s caricatures seek to bring out some aspects of grotesque humour as they overtly mimic and satirize various elements of the human physique.

Through the Caricatures, Leonardo da Vinci envisaged portraying an artistic appreciation of the human form. This type of art is inspired, in one way, by the fact the human physiognomy encompasses an array of diverse features.

This diversity may be manifested in some people in very unique ways, thus making their facial appearances or physiques seem rather unusual. Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings are incontrovertibly an embodiment of some of the different and rather unique forms of appearances that are prevalent among humans.

This drawing also seeks to blend the modernity of humans that had ensued during the Renaissance with some of the Medieval characters and legends.

As commonly depicted by most impeccable art commentaries, the caricatures were used by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci to express the animal forces that are intrinsically innate in the human nature when all vagaries of rationality are taken away.

This aspect tends to bring out how the human body may be perceived when it is in a state other than a lucid state.

Leonardo da Vinci’s magnificent drawing, being the priceless antique that it is, has been praised by some of the most exquisite and talented artists of the modern age.

The Caricature has been put in the public domain where everyone can get to relish this exceptional work by Leonardo da Vinci. This drawing can be found in Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze, Florence, Italy and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Caricature has over the centuries been an inspiration to most artists, and has grown to be one of the most popular and influential forms of art.

It has been embraced widely by street fair artists worldwide and newspaper cartoonists such as Ralph Steadman who has thrived as a caricaturist and political cartoonist.

Leonardo da Vinci left a significant imprint in the realm of art with his remarkable touch of finesse, and the Caricature shall indeed never be wiped off the history of art.