The artist come architect was putting together ideas for a church design and considering how best to construct and implement the cupola. Elements of his work here remind many of Florentine-style architecture. Many have linked these items to the Milan Cathedral but his work in this discipline were not realised in quite the same way as his work in frescos.

Da Vinci puts in plenty of notes around the various elements in this sketchwork, aiming to lead any future implementation of his work in the right way. It would always be a concern for any artist that their original ideas may not be translated accurately into completed projects.

The architect looks into how to put together a narrow tower in this piece, where as the other drawings tend to focus purely on the floor layout and exterior designs. All of this series came between 1487 and 1490 and the majority of them are now stored at the National Library in Paris, France.

The fragility of these artworks mean they cannot be loaned out for exhibitions very often and may not even be freely displayed. Some documentation and literature exists from where you enjoy good quality photographs of the originals, though.